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This is a blog about cheese. French cheese. Specifically those French cheeses that the French government and people have deemed so important that their qualities, manufacture, and origin are regulated by law. These cheeses are granted the Appellation d'origine controlée (AOC) or "controlled designation of origin" label, a label which may also be found on some French wines and other products. Some of these cheeses, like Roquefort and Camembert, are well-known, while others are rarer and rarely, if ever, found outside of France.

Although I have lived in France and have had many an authentic French cheese experience, this blog is written from my current perspective in Chicago. The name of this blog is a little play on words that roughly translates to "out of control." A lot of writing I've read about cheese talks about it in the purest and most generous way. The cheeses are typically discussed in terms of optimum conditions and perfect pairings. This blog is an attempt to escape those controlled conditions and talk about a cheese experience within the context of everyday life. Each week, I attempt to buy at least 1/2 lb of one of the AOC cheeses and write about my experience having that cheese in my life. I am somewhat in awe of cheese and the process that creates it, but it is food, and I will talk about it like food.

My hope is that this blog will inspire people to try new kinds of cheese and to have new food experiences overall, not as prescribed, but in their own way.

Want to email me a question or comment? Send it to cheese@horscontrolee.com.

Comté Cantal St. Nectaire Roquefort